Welcome to the online home of BodySpark! BodySpark is a revolutionary body therapy that integrates bodywork, movement education, and mindfulness of thoughts and emotions into a transformational body mind experience. BodySpark not only heals your body from these symptons…

  • Stress and tension
  • Structural imbalances and poor posture
  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Lost mobility
  • Muscular and joint pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries


But it also transforms your day to day life. After going through the BodySpark series your body and experience of life will be completely different. You will feel…

  • Supple and alive
  • Pain Free
  • Energised and posturally aligned
  • A huge lift in athletic performance
  • You will become aware of what causes your pain and injuries and stop them before they occur
  • have the awareness and ability to remove stress and negative thoughts and emotions

Feeling great

As our bodies are full of muscle, tension from injuries, repetitive use, and poor posture can build and remain within us distorting our alignment, sapping our energy, causing a lot of pain, and affecting the way our body moves us through our life.

Tension also has an emotional element to it, for example, if we get angry or are fearful we might
tense our belly, or if we have undue stress we may clamp/grind our jaw and tense our shoulders (sound familiar?). Enough of this type of activity and the body will remember the tension and store it in the brain as a muscle memory event. This type of memory is similar to driving a car, after much practise we drive almost subconsciously  – so you might be tense without even thinking about it!

All this stress and tension that your body can remember will impact your life on many different levels. Some memories are recent some go way back so there is plenty of work to be done to relieve your muscles and free your mind.

It’s my job to help you reconnect with your body much more closely than you may have in the past and encourage a deep sense of calm and well being by helping your body feel great and giving you the tools and self awareness so that you are able to keep it feeling that way for a long time into the future.